Dr. Guo Yuanjing, Postdoctoral workstation of Jingong Science and Technology successfully opened the topic
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2022/06/24


On June 15th, the opening report of the Joint Training of Post-doctoral students in Zhejiang University of Technology was successfully held in the Institute of Jinggong Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. The review will be by Jiang Shaofei, dean of Zhejiang University of Technology Zhijiang College, Bao Yumei, dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Yang Youdong, director of the Scientific research department and other experts composed of the review group. The evaluation group carefully evaluated the research topic of Dr. Guo Yuanjing, and finally, the evaluation group unanimously agreed to open the topic.


At the meeting, Dr Guo Yuanjing with "carbon fiber production line running state prediction based on machine learning and optimization" do the opening report for research subject, subject to comprehensively consider the oxidation of carbon fiber production line, low temperature carbonization and high temperature carbonization of three process, is proposed by using machine learning method to build the production line running status and intelligent prediction model between carbon fiber product performance, In order to ensure the performance of carbon fiber products and optimize the running state of the production line, reduce the energy consumption of the production line and the production cost of carbon fiber, so that the production of carbon fiber can achieve the goal of improving quality and efficiency, saving energy and reducing consumption. Experts think, Dr Guo Yuanjing has been engaged in the signal processing and analysis of mechanical equipment and health condition monitoring and fault diagnosis research, selected topic with the actual production of the enterprise, the research content enrichment, technical route is feasible and research method is effective and reasonable goals, has certain theory significance and practical application value. Considering the proposer's technical research ability and a good platform for fine technology, the expert group unanimously agreed that Dr. Guo Yuanjing would open the topic.


Since its establishment in August 2010, Jingong Science and Technology postdoctoral Workstation has carried out project cooperation with zhejiang Sci-tech University, Hefei University of Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, Kunming University of Science and Technology and many other universities. As an effective carrier of the combination of industry, university and research, the company has been earnestly implementing the national management systems and relevant requirements for postdoctoral work, and has always been committed to strengthening the construction of workstations. In the future, the company will continue to rely on scientific research stations to cultivate and attract high-level professional and technical personnel to meet the development needs of the enterprise, so as to further improve the research and development capacity, promote technological innovation and product upgrading of the enterprise.

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